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I am not your typical web designer.

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Hi, I am Tim Kertscher, a German startup founder and now web developer with a deep care for brand strategy.

As a company founder myself I know what it is like to run a business. I know how important it is to have a proper strategy to be most effective & resourceful with your money and time. 

For this reason I put in 110% effort to create the most suitable online solutions for each of my customers. No matter if you are a personal or company brands. 
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Every solutions starts with a strategy. My most important duty is to delivering great work is to understand and define the goals the project.
We will define each goal with the entire team and build a solid roadmap & structure to achieve the targeted goal(s). 
  • LinQfish 
    Jobs für Studenten

    LinQfish is a german job board for student jobs. It was created for giving a new light to the job board market - sexy, easy to use and top support.
    Strategy | UI/UX Design | Web Development
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  • Bettina Kertscher
    Kommunikation & Enneagrammscoach

    What is LinQfish?

    LinQfish is a german job board for student jobs.

    What was the mission?

    LinQfish wants to stand out to the rest of the German job boards. A lean yet fresh, user oriented design was required.
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